Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

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Below, we will explore some other instances, provided by, where an attorney may legally withdraw from a case without worrying about their professional liability exposures.

Client consent. If a client gives their lawyer permission to withdraw from the case, then that lawyer may of course withdraw from the case.

Different case strategies. There will be times when a lawyer and client will not agree on the best approach for handling a case. If a client and their lawyer are unable to reach an agreement, then the lawyer should withdraw.

A client’s failure to cooperate, communicate, or fulfill obligations. It’s necessary for there to be regular communication and interaction between an attorney and their client at all times, so that the attorney can provide quality service to his or her client. Attorney’s may need their client to answer questions, provide documentation and otherwise assist them so that they can give the service the client needs and deserves.

Personality conflicts. Unfortunately, sometimes people simply don’t get along. An attorney is meant to be his or her client’s biggest advocate, but if there’s a conflict of personalities, it could be impossible for that attorney to give their client the best representation possible.

These are just a few of the scenarios in which an attorney or lawyer has the right to withdraw themselves from a case, without worry of being faced with a professional liability claim. A lawyer can also drop a case if a client fails to pay attorney fees, or if the client behaves in an unethical or fraudulent way, or commits a criminal activity while being represented.

At AFPD, we have more than 20 years of professional liability program management and claims handling experience, including over a decade of experience underwriting a Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance program. Please contact us today at (800) 970-9778 to learn more.


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