Liability Insurance for Indiana Personal Injury Cases

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Liability Insurance is to provide protection when you harm someone or provide protection for you when someone harms you.

In certain circumstances, lawsuits are necessary to make a party that’s been injured whole and compensate them for the loss that they suffered. One of the primary things that I hear from a lot of people is we don’t like the idea of suing another person. Nearly all the time, there is insurance on the other side that will pay the judgment that will pay the settlement, if one is agreed to, and is not the actual individual, not the business itself that is actually going to pay the bill. It is also nearly universally true that when you file a lawsuit the insurance company for the person that you sued, they will hire a lawyer and they will pay for that lawyer for the entity or for the person that you sued. So that insurance policy that most of us have on our cars, or some of us have on our businesses, and most of us have on our homes, provide protection for us that if we get sued they going to hire a lawyer for us and pay for that lawyer; and if the case goes to trial and there is a verdict rendered against you or against me, then the insurance company is going to pay that bill, not the individual not the business itself.

That’s the business of insurance. They manage that risk, that’s why you pay premiums to insurance companies is so they can manage that risk. So there may be situations where the person that caused the harm didn’t have enough insurance. In that situation we are often dealing with what is known as underinsurance or uninsurance, and I’m going to have another video on specifically underinsurance or uninsurance coverage.

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