Professional Liability Insurance: Errors & Omissions

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Burton Langille says:

As a former broker who insured over a hundred large, medium and smaller
architectural and engineering firms for over 20 years I like this video.
The information is accurate and well presented. When considering
professional liability insurance ask yourself some of these questions: 1/
Is the broker / agent well experienced and has good recommendations 2/ Will
the claims managers be experience in managing claims in your type of
practice and managing legal counsel 3/ Does the insurer have a long term
record in your profession – some insurers only enter the market when it’s
profitable 4/ Are you buying the coverage and limits you’d want if faced
with a large complex claim 5/ Will the broker or insurer provide contract
review services and practice improvement help.
Never, never buy professional liability insurance on price because these
are the people you’ll be depending on when bad things happen as they often

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