What is professional indemnity?

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Watch this short interview to become professional indemnity savvy! Our product manager talks about professional indemnity insurance. What is it? Do you need it and how will it help you?


Simply Business says:

What is professional indemnity insurance? Does your business need it? Have
you thought about it but felt unsure about how it would help? Watch our
short video to find out everything you need to know http://goo.gl/HHrQnV
#insurance #professionalindemnity 

Simply Business says:

Just what is professional Indemnity? In a nut-shell provides cover for you
when giving advice or providing design work.

However, as insurance is never quite *that* simple, here’s a brief
discussion about the in’s and out’s of how it can help cover your small
business – http://youtu.be/d1OIGcIlgcw

Simply Business says:

Professional Indemnity insurance… a quick 5 minute video of what it
entails and how it can protect you – http://youtu.be/d1OIGcIlgcw

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