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There are major state and federal lawsuits underway. If your car is ever damaged in an accident and repaired through a major insurance company in the U.S., these lawsuits may be of interest. Auto body [More]
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Below are the top five companies in the Property & Casualty Insurance industry as measured by relative performance. Some analysts believe that stocks with better relative performance will tend to outperform stocks with low relative [More]
1. Allstate 2. Unum 3. AIG 4. State Farm 5. Conseco 6. WellPoint 7. Farmers 8. UnitedHealth 9. Torchmark 10. Liberty Mutual As reported by the American Association for Justice. When analzing a piece of [More]
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Investigative piece about Georgia car accident insurance companies suing people for subrogation even when they bought car insurance.
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Lawyers Mutual is a national pioneer in protecting lawyers. Founded in 1977, we were the first mutual insurance company in the United States dedicated solely to serving lawyers. And we are the only company that [More]
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