Coface credit insurance protects your business against unpaid invoices for your domestic and export sales. Coface is a worldwide leader in credit insurance with close to 70 years experience.We help businesses avoid and mitigate trade [More]
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Trade credit insurance protects against the risk of a customer default on sales made on credit terms. Additionally, trade credit insurance provides sellers with the accounts receivable protection needed to safeguard themselves against a customer [More]
This 2 minute video explains what credit insurance is and demonstrates the relationship between the supplier, buyer and the credit insurer. Credit insurance is an invaluable aid to successful national and international business-to-business trade. It [More]
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Trade Credit Brokers Ltd arrange Credit Insurance policies which help protect our clients against the potentially serious financial impact on their business of suffering a bad debt, caused either by debtor insolvency or protracted default [More]
Video conceptualised, animated and produced by Wetpaint Advertising, Johannesburg as part of the Credit Guarantee integrated marketing campaign driving their Credit Insurance offering. The piece cleverly compares and contrasts two business methods and traces the [More] Footage of the 2012 Conference for South Florida Exporters brought to you by Drake Finance of Miami, FL. Drake Finance makes it easy for United States-based exporters to finance international customers. As an [More]
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If you provide any type of health insurance to your farm employees, this tax credit is worth looking into, says Farm CPA Paul Neiffer.
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