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Created on April 3, 2015 at 3:16 pm by ginsurance

Here’s a Quick and Easy Guide to Maintaining and Updating

OK, Your Tube Clone site’s all set up now and will be auto-posting new videos every 2 days or so, until you change the settings.

I’ve also added a large list of video search keywords in the ‘Settings‘ section under the Covert Video Content title on your WP dashboard. You can add more or use these for future updates.

Customising the look and feel of your site

This is done via the Theme Options screen, found under Appearance in the WordPress dashboard.

The theme I use has many areas where you can customise and change the look and feel of the site.

Here are a few of the main options, so don’t be afraid to experiment if you feel like it.

Theme Options

Fairly self explanatory, but here’s a run thru of the various options you have.

Favicon – If you want one, here’s the place to add it

Header and Navigation – This is where you can edit the colours and menu of your site. Add or edit your Pages from here, change their visibilty and exclude any pages you don’t want to show.

Category Menu – Change the name of your menu categories, hide or include anything here.

Theme Ads – Again this is obvious enough. But it’s worth noting you have many options for adding banners and ads within the content.

Home Page – Use these options to set up what order your videos show – by popularity, freshness or best rated, where your sidebar sites and various post options that show on your homepage.

Posts and Pages – All pretty obvious, these controls affect how your pages and posts lokk to viewers Video Options – I’ve set this up for you with what I consider to be the best settings, but feel free to change them if you want.

NB> Section 10 – Lead Capture & Follow Me (Lighbox) Settings

I haven’t set this option up, as it requires some fairly personal information, but the theme hasa useful option if you’re list-building, or encouraging folk to share your new site. It’s very obvious what needs to be done, but if you need help just let me know.

More Widget Stuff – There are 3 widget areas at the bottom of the page – perfect for ads….

Extra Plug-Ins I’ve Added and Why?

I’ve included a couple of extra plug-ins that have helped me with these sites and I suggest you keep them.
They are:

Delete Duplicate Posts – which you need to manually check occasionally and remove duplicate content if any has slipped through.

Search Terms Tagging – This adds the searches people use to find your site as tags, which really helps with video sites like this. It also ‘re-cycles’ content that’s not been seen much, republishing your videos.

Comment Luv – You’re going to get a lot of traffic to this site, and many people will comment on the videos. I’ve found CommentLuv the easiest comment form to deal with it. Feel free to change it.

JetPack – I strongly suggest you activate the JetPack suite of plug-ins via the dashboard and link up at least a Facebook page, and if poossible as many other social profiles as you can. Auto-posting new videos to your social profiles is a vital part of keeping the snowball effect of your new site rolling and will really increase new traffic to this site.

Final thing to say is that occasionally, if a video gets deleted from the video share site it’s been publishd from, you’ll stop seeing an image for the video and instead see a greyed out thumbnail.

This really doesn’t happen very often. When it does simply delete the post from you site.

About the Theme and Plug-In I’ve used to build this site
If you want to have a go at building more of these sites yourself the them I use to build them is a tweaked version of the Covert Video Press theme, by the IM Wealth Builder team.
To pull in the videos themselves I use the Covert Video Content tool, by the same developers.

Useful Links:

Covert VideoPress

Covert VideoContent

Contact me via the forum, on SKYPE at enricocaballero, or by email on if you need any more help, and thanks again for your order.

If you need any more help feel free to contact me via the forum or by email on or on Skype enricocaballero. Thanks again for your order.

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